The Helping Hands Foundation 

A non-profit Foundation was founded on January 10, 1997 with the aim to enhance the well-being of and promote respect, acceptance and appreciation to elderly on St. Maarten.

Our transportation services consist:

*Transportation to Medical visits.
*Transportation to Therapy.
*Transportation to Dialysis.
*Transportation to Lab.
*Transportation to S.M.M.C
*Transpiration to the different recreation centers.
*Visit the Social Welfare Office to update the Doctor Card.
*Other Transportation needs.


  • Transportation
  • Visitation
  • Activity

Annual Fee consist of the following: 

Registration fee:
(One-time payment nonrefundable)
US$ 30.00 – or FLS 55.00

 Without Wheelchair, Shopping or Paying bills p/y:
US$ 300.00- or FLS 546. 00

With Wheelchair:
US$ 350.00 or FLS 637.00

For requested services or further information(s):
Helping Hands Foundation Office number: 1-721-544-5866
Transportation Contact Person: 
 Valdora Hazel  Cell:1-721-524-1712

W.I. B account(s) #:
USD$                    – 101 381 509
NAFL                    – 101 379 010

The Board Members of Helping Hands Foundation:

Mr. Antonio D. Rogers

 Vice President:
Mrs. Jossiane Artsen

Mrs. Patricia Friday-Bell

 Assn. Secretary:
Mrs. Felicia Thomas-James

Mr. John Hodge

 Assn Treasurer:
Mrs. Hilda Bell-Gullin

 Maintenance Boardmember:
Mr. C. Fredrick Maccow

Activity Board members
Mrs. Monica Salome-Simeon


Chamber of Commerce Registration

Chamber of Commerce Registration 1

Chamber of Commerce Registration 2

Deed of Incorporation

Deed of incorporation 1

Deed of incorporation 2

Deed of incorporation 3

Deed of incorporation 4

Deed of incorporation 5